Find out how with this online, self-service platform and culture in place, AbbVie's employees were better able to adapt to working from home, in this interview, with Share Lee Tan, HR Director, Singapore covering the area office and AbbVie Biologics Plant, AbbVie.

The study also revealed that 66% of executives said they have completed initiatives that previously encountered resistance, as traditional and perceived barriers to technology adoption fall away.

In the future, new jobs and roles will be created to support a technology-driven workplace, such as robot / AI trainer, virtual reality manager, and advanced data scientist.

According to a just-published report, 31% of companies reported being hit by a cyber-attack – such as ransomware – while 39% of companies experienced videoconferencing attacks.

Breaking this down, Singaporeans spent the most amount of time on social media (72%), followed by watching/streaming movies and TV shows (68%), and on personal emails (65%).

Launched in conjunction with Malaysia Tech Month 2020, the initiative will raise the availability, accessibility and usability of data in Malaysia’s society and economy via four strategic pillars - knowledge, infrastructure, talent, and action.