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How McDonald’s in Belgium attracts the Millennial workforce

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The Millennials are going to be the majority of the workforce in no time. While many focus on compensation and benefits or work-life balance, here is an illustration on how a well-thought out recruitment advertisement can attract your target audience while reinforcing an employer’s branding.

In April 2018, McDonald’s in Belgium created a series of recruitment posters called McMistakes.

Three minimalist posters were hung like any other McDonald’s product poster at each branch. However, the fast-food giant mixed up its iconic products – Big Mac, french fries and McFlurry and their containers. All of the food did not end up where it usually would. The tag line was: “Students wanted. No experience needed.”

McDonald’s has a philosophy regarding recruitment: “Hire on attitude, train on skills.” It believes the willingness to learn is more important than resumes.

“You don’t always need the biggest brand campaigns. The McMistakes is a perfect example of how a simple recruitment poster can reinforce an iconic brand,” said executive creative director Jeroen Bostoen.

The story was first published by Adsoftheworld.

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