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Column on how to lose motivated employees - personal growth

The 10 types of annoying employees

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As much as we would like to believe that all employees are homogeneous, there are some that have a unique capability of being disliked by everyone they work with.

Take the toxic shooters, as this new infographic by JobCluster describes them – they always think negatively and can’t stop complaining about their life. Their negative vibes ultimately can bring the whole team down.

Or, the time squatters, who prefer to spend their working hours by the coffee machine, taking a break only to finish their personal errands. Not only do they don’t get enough work done, but they don’t seem to care about it either.

JobCluster found each organisation has 10 types of employees that can infuriate the most competent of managers. Check out the infographic: infographic on hated employees


What’s your secret to turning around these types of employees and enabling them to contribute their best? Share your tips and tricks with us below!

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