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This article is brought to you by MetroResidences.

Move over hotels, serviced apartments are the way to go when selecting accommodation options for your employees coming from overseas, affirms MetroResidences.

When it comes to picking the right lodging for your employees visiting from overseas, factors like price, location and suitability must be considered. Here’s why serviced apartments check those boxes.

1. Keep a healthy state of mind

Imagine your colleague doing her work in a room. She eats in her room, sleeps and watches TV in this 325 square feet shoe box. Now imagine her having the same routine for three months in the same room.

When you take someone away from home and put them within four walls to work, you restrict the mind from being able to draw clear distinctions between daily activities. In serviced apartments, you can work and play as it should be.

Serviced apartments not only offer the space for comfortable daily living, but residential style units often come with windows that you can actually open. Fresh air and warm sunlight are essential for good living. But serviced apartments are healthy for the mind too.

Bedrooms for rest, kitchens for cooking and living rooms for living. Your boss/employee will appreciate the care taken to provide them with a space where they can be comfortable. You aren’t just looking for a space they can work from. They need a space to live in.

2. Have a get together

Speaking of needs, the living areas in serviced apartments provide the tenant with the ability to host. A fully equipped kitchen to prepare meals and an area to welcome guests. It’s much easier to greet people with a living space rather than just a room.

Business-meetings-cum-client-lunches, you can have them at ‘home’. Keep a healthy social life active and throw small gatherings over at ‘your place’. Being in another country doesn’t mean one has to always rely on others for social outings. Bask in the independence that space provides.


3. It’s cheaper

A growing reason to have you looking at a serviced apartment rather than a hotel is the point that it is arguably cheaper for long-term stays.

Keeping to a budget can always make or break a decision. Serviced apartments offer more value for money with regards to the space they provide. If you think about it, with hotels, you are paying a fixed rate for the number of guests, whereas with apartments you’re also paying for the space and facilities provided.

Sometimes sticking to a budget means skimping and doing away with luxury. With serviced apartments, you won’t have to.

4. Add structure to your life

The flexibility offered by serviced apartments allows for more than one employee. During longer stays, some individuals might be less than willing to share a room with a colleague. Serviced apartments offer the option of separate bedrooms.

The accommodating space you find in serviced apartments also allows for little things that make one feel less away from home. Things like washing machines; allowing you to do your own laundry and kitchens; to prepare your own meals.

It’s easy to forget current human needs when making such decisions but your main aim here is to limit the feeling of displacement as much as possible.


5. Temporary home

With serviced apartments, one is essentially getting a space that feels like a home. Working and living from an unfamiliar environment is never easy. So it makes things easier to cope with when you can operate from somewhere you feel comfortable in.

The main aim is always to always care for your employee’s wellbeing by making sure he/she has the right tools and environment to produce efficiently with a healthy state of mind.

So do yourself and everyone else a favour; leave hotels to the tourist and pick that serviced apartment if you mean business.

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