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Hong Kongers working from home are feeling lonely and fat

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While working from home seems to be a growing trend globally, the idea does not seem to sit well with Hong Kong workers.

According to research by Regus, local home workers are finding it more difficult to adapt to a home office compared to workers worldwide.

Their biggest gripe against working at home was loneliness, with 67% of Hong Kongers saying they miss interactions with colleagues, and 47% saying they get lonely.

These percentages were higher than those globally – 64% and 38% respectively.

Additionally, the report highlighted that 67% of Hong Kong respondents felt they are getting stale and needed to schedule trips outside of the house.

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Other issues highlighted by the report included work being taken less seriously by family members, unwanted distractions and resentment from family members for taking up space in the house – which was unsurprising considering the limited living space in Hong Kong.

John Henderson, chief financial officer at Regus Asia Pacific said it is important for professionals to get out of their pyjamas, and out of the house to maintain their morale and well-being when working from home.

“Flexible workers need a professional and fully equipped environment to thrive and be productive, and working from home clearly isn’t the answer,” he said.

Instead of home office, Henderson suggested employers should provide flexible working options by giving them access to professional environments closer to home.

“This will not only reduce stressful commuting, but also help reduce frustration between family members and unwanted distractions such as excessive snacking, which are rife at home,” he added.

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The research surveyed more than 44,000 senior business people around the world, across more than 100 countries, including 365 respondents from Hong Kong.

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