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Hong Kongers share the worst behaviours of newcomers

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It is understandable that most of the candidates will only show their best side during interview. Even hiring managers have tried their utmost efforts to find out the true self of the candidates, the reality might only be revealed after onboarding.

In a recent post on Hong Kong Discussion Group, the writer complained about the bad behaviors of a newcomer, echoing by many netizens.

Here’re some of the worst behaviors listed out by the commenters:

1. Showing up late for work in the morning and after lunch, but leaving the office sharply on time on a daily basis;

2. Pretending to be working while napping and spending half of the working hours surfing the internet or playing smartphone;

3. Being arrogant and no show at work.  In many cases, these newcomers have special connection with senior management;

4. Spending an hour to staple only a few dozen of promotional leaflets;

5. Spending an hour to check only five cheques;

6. Spending an hour to write a few English sentences with so many grammatical mistakes and no one can understand what he/she is writing about.

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