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HKSAR Government remains Hong Kong talent’s employer of choice

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It has emerged from an annual study of the ideal employers in Hong Kong that the government remains the most ideal employer for young talent.

In this year’s survey, among business, engineering and natural sciences students, HKSAR Government retains the top spot as the most ideal employer, a crown it has held for the past two years for business talent and the past five years in the engineering and natural sciences sectors.

Local firms HSBC and MTR Corporation also featured prominently. Popular stalwart Google came in second as the most ideal employer on both lists.

The Hong Kong portion of Universum’s annual global talent survey draws on more than 6500 students across eight Hong Kong universities.

“Young talent in Hong Kong – although unique – possess many of the career attitudes and preferences intrinsic to the modern-day Millennial,” said Mike Parsons, managing director for APAC at Universum.

“They’re more attracted to employers based on the employment experience and soft defining factors such as the friendliness of the culture and working environment. Factors such as compensation, although important, are increasingly viewed as hygiene factors and non-differentiating.

“Employers who are serious about attracting the very best young talent really need to study the data and communicate the right things, in the right way, and through the right channels. Abstaining from key outreach platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is no longer a neutral position and can have a negative impact on brand perception.”

The top 10 ideal employers among business and engineering:

Business Engineering/natural sciences
1 HKSAR Government 1 HKSAR Government
2 Google 2 Google
3 HSBC 3 MTR Corporation
4 J.P. Morgan 4 Cathay Pacific Airways
5 EY 5 Apple
6 PwC 6 Airport Authority Hong Kong
7 Cathay Pacific Airways 7 Ocean Park
8 Deloitte 8 Microsoft
9 Morgan Stanley 9 HK Applied Science and Technology Research Institute
10 Apple 10 Hospital Authority


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