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What hiring managers can learn from the elevator pitch

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Most hiring managers describe a job interview is a two-way-street – while you are assessing the candidate, they are assessing your organisation at the same time. Hence, being able to make a strong positive impression on the candidate in 30 seconds or less is of utmost importance.

In the spirit of ‘Talk in an Elevator Day’ – 29 July – here are some tips Holiday Inn Express has on mastering the art of the elevator pitch to create an impactful impression from the get go.

For the uninitiated, an elevator pitch is designed to ‘break the ice’ and lead to deeper dialogue about a specific topic – to hiring managers, this topic is your organisation – in a short enough to get your concept across in the time taken to travel between floors while riding in an elevator.

Show empathy
Highlight an issue the candidate can relate to. Have an interesting tidbit about the industry? Share it and ask their opinion. This helps them open up for the rest of the interview.

Differentiate yourself
Explain what it is that makes you and your organisation unique. They might have applied for the job, but they won’t stick around for long if your organisation doesn’t have a good employee value proposition.

Don’t forget to pursue a relationship!
Even if the candidate is not suitable for the current role, request to connect again in the future, you never know when a role that they are perfect for might open up.

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