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Have you hired enough ‘intrapreneurs’?

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Employees with an entrepreneurial streak, or intrapreneurs, are much sought after in today’s workplace.

“Intrapreneurs are described as individuals that are able to transform an organisation more quickly and effectively than others because they are self‐motivated free thinkers, masters at navigating around bureaucratic and political inertia,” a report by Regus said.

Nearly half (43%) of employers in Singapore believe the best way to nurture intrapreneurs is by hiring from different functions, followed by a skills updating programme (40%) and access to senior management (39%).

The report also found 26% of respondents reported formal innovation programmes are a key innovation driver, while 86% believed entrepreneurship has increased in the past five years in their sector.

Paul MacAndrew, country manager at Regus Singapore, said companies should encourage more flexibility in the workplace if they want to further cultivate intrapreneurship.

“Flexible working not only taps into employee demand for a better work-life balance, by allowing them to work their own hours and  from different locations, but it also helps employees mingle with workers from different functions, and even different firms, vastly widening their outlook and experience,” he said.

“Flexibility and diverse inputs can really help employees think outside the box and seek out innovation.”

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