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Visa applications getting scrutinised in Thailand

Greater scrutiny on visa extensions for foreign employees in Thailand

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Berry Appleman & Leiden (BAL) has reported yesterday that Thailand authorities are becoming stricter in reviewing documents submitted for visa extension applications. They also requesting sponsoring employers and foreign employees to provide revised/updated documents, such as retaking office photographs, or additional documents.

The report advises employers to anticipate delays in processing times and a more stringent process in completing work authorisation formalities.

Although authorities have not issued any official announcements or guidelines, companies have reported experiencing delays and difficulties in extending visas for their foreign employees, per BAL.

Required documents, including documents officially certified by other Thai government departments, are being very closely scrutinised and information within the documents is being questioned by the immigration authorities.

Good news is, only extensions via the regular process are impacted; visa extension applications through the One Stop Service Center (OSSC) remain unaffected.

BAL commented: “To avoid potential delays or rejection of visa extensions, it is highly recommended that employers prepare the required documents in advance and file the application well ahead of time.”

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