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Good news for SMRT staff

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SMRT has announced its non-executive trains and bus operations and corporate office staff will receive revised remuneration packages.

With the exception of bus captains who received an enhanced salary package last year, the staff will get an increase in basic wages, a monthly performance and productivity incentive component, an increase in salary ranges of existing staff, a one-off market adjustment component and an increase to the starting salaries of new non-executive staff, Channel News Asia reported.

The monthly performance and productivity incentive aspect will take into consideration operational performance and productivity, safety regulations and customer experience.

The changes will come into effect March 2013, and will also allow better opportunities for career progression based on individual performance.

Last November, 171 SMRT drivers went on strike over pay and living conditions. In February, four of the drivers who instigated the strike were sentenced to prison.

While SMRT has defended its pay structure was fair, the company said it is looking into improving the living conditions of its drivers.

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