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Good news: HR is not making you fat

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Following one of our most-read and shared stories yet, Working in HR is making you fat, Human Resources decided to see if there has been any change since then – and we come bearing good news! HR personnel are now adopting much healthier lifestyles and habits. We’ve spoken to a few HR practitioners in Singapore, and here’s what they have to say.

Despite noticing that he’s giving more excuses as not to workout, Johans Wong, recruitment consultant at Nigel Frank International still tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His pro tip? Stay away from snacks!

“Personally, I try to stay away from snacks as much as I can. At the same time, I make it a point to hit the gym at least three to four times a week with each session lasting at least 1.5 hours consisting of cardio and weightlifting,” he shared. Not only that, he also participates in sports such as basketball and football during sessions organised by his workplace.

Similarly, HR director of Capella Hotel, Ervinna Ong also shares the same advice and recommends to share snacks (such as fruits, nuts and the occasional chips) among colleagues to avoid over-eating.

As a team leader, she believes in leading by example. On top of her personal meal programme of no heavy meals after 7pm, they follow strict meal plans with plenty of water throughout the day.

“I don’t encourage working late nights and will send them home on time so they can plan their daily evening activities,” she added. Capella also holds an annual sports event where her team trains hard for months before with most of them going for jogs and walk at least once a week.

Joining the bandwagon of healthy HR personnel is Siya Lee, HR executive at M Social Singapore who stated that she became healthier since she joined HR.

“We have always been promoting healthy living, eating clean and working out to our team members. Of course we do get stressed from time to time but the best go-to would be drinking water instead of snacking! It’s a healthier option and keeps you full,” she said.

Good job, HR!

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