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The Futurist: “We’re probably not going to see a talent surplus anytime soon”

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Jesper Petersen, senior director and head HR Asia Pacific, LEGO Group predicts which part of the HR toolbox we will need to use in 2026.

The future of HR starts with understanding a few things as an HR professional – level of globalisation, and business scenarios (growth, decline or stable) – because that determines which part of the HR toolbox you use.

As we are probably not going to see a talent surplus anytime soon, we need to get used to not being able to retain people for as long as we had until now. Not only will the HR profession, as a result, change dramatically, but the processes will look very different.

I also see a bigger contingent workforce, people with specialised competencies you will need for a project of, say, six months.

We are also likely to see changes in performance management systems, with some companies choosing to end them, and some not. When this made the headlines, it seemed like they are making bold decisions – and they are bold decisions – but they are putting something else in place.

The June 2016 issue of Human Resources magazine is a special edition, bringing you interviews with 32 HR leaders, with their predictions on the future of HR.

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