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The Futurist: HR must evolve to become brand specialists, says Bianca Wong

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Group HR and corporate communications director at Jebsen & Co, Bianca Wong, says HR must follow the developments in the field of marketing, and become more adaptive to technology.

I think 10 years from now the leadership and people management agenda is going to be drastically different from today. The change will include employer branding and promotion, use of gamification, communication channels and approaches, performance management approaches, learning and development formats, and data analytics.

Besides becoming more adaptive to technology, HR must evolve to become (employer) brand specialists, data analysts, as well as customer (employee) experience experts – that is, following the development of the marketing field.

With a geographically dispersed workforce, we are also expecting much more advanced technology to manage performance, give feedback, provide bite-size training solutions with unconventional instructional design, as well as to manage the workforce, and provide real-time performance results tracking, as well as recognition to drive engagement.

I see data analytics as an area that is still quite untapped at the moment, due to both the lack of skills as well as the data readiness. With more organisations recognising its importance, data is now being set up with future analytics use and I think within the near future, there will be significant developments in this field.

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