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Chris Major - Philips Electronics

The Futurist: employer branding will focus more on segmentation in the future

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Chris Major, head, recruitment marketing, Philips Electronics Singapore, predicts that as the age make-up of the global workforce changes, HR will be forced to consider more tailored employer value proposition and HR programmes to attract and retain talent.

Employer branding is a discipline that is evolving as quickly in the marketing space as it is in the HR space. It’s been said that these days every new and exciting innovation in marketing eventually makes its way to recruitment marketing (or employer branding).

I believe that presents employer branding teams with tremendous opportunity to leverage innovative new ways to promote and position their talent brand.

I also think employer branding will need to focus more on segmentation in the future, and tailoring its employer value proposition to suit an increasingly diverse candidate market.

Those putting off retirement, for example, will be driven and attracted by a different proposition than younger candidates looking to upskill themselves, and will enhance their personal development as quickly as possible. In 10 years, the age make-up of the global workforce will also be very different, and I think we’ll see tailored HR programmes being developed to accommodate that divergence.

I believe we will see a continuation of the trend of “Gen X and Y” away from organisational loyalty, and further towards job task loyalty – where upskilling becomes more important than the company those skills are employed at.

This, I think, will force HR to consider ever-more tailored education programmes to entice the best talent on board.

And for members of our ageing population who decide they would rather stay longer in the workforce, I think we’ll see tailored employee health and assistance programmes to ensure we make it easier for them to stay.

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