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Freaky Friday: Circus in need of a real-life ‘wolf boy’

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A British circus has put up a unique job posting for someone with at least “60,000 hairs growing on their face” to fill a vacancy for a ‘wolf boy’.

The travelling freak show, The Circus of Horrors, has already offered the job to Mexican Jesus “Chuy” Aceves, but they have been forced to advertise locally for the position under British employment law.

He now has to wait and see whether a British citizen will take his place.

Aceves, who has a rare medical condition which causes hair to grow all over his face, will earn £500 (S$798) per week if he gets the job.

A spokesperson from the UK Border Agency said the government is focusing efforts on controlling immigration, but are determined to remain open to “the brightest and the best”, The Daily Mail reported.

“All UK-based employers who wish to obtain a sponsor license have to adhere to the rules set out in the application process,” the spokesperson said.

The new job ad said those interested in the job must “be genuine, people with beards or wearing masks will not be accepted, although a woman with a beard may be considered under a different job opportunities”, The Telegraph reported.

Additionally, applicants must have at least “60,000 hairs growing on their face and linking up with the hairline, hair on the head is not included in this specification”.

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