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Freaky Friday: Brazil’s phantom doctors report for work

Doctors in a Brazilian hospital have been caught using medical props on hand to avoid going to work, while still claiming their salary.

One doctor has been arrested after he was found to have used silicon fingertips to help sign in five of his colleagues for work, when it fact they weren’t there at all, Brazilian website G1 reported. The five doctors involved have also been arrested.

Thauane Nunes Ferreira confessed to falsifying public documents after she was caught red-handed using one of the fake fingers to trick the hospital’s biometric attendance tracking machine.

This allowed all “ghost doctors” involved to continue to claim salary without ever going to work.

The Telegraph reported 11 doctors and 20 nurses were believed to be involved in the scam, and Ferreira’s arrest has prompted a nation-wide investigation.

City mayor Acir Fillo said there were more than 300 civil servants who make up the “ghost worker” population.

“This case is a huge disappointment. Let’s put cameras to monitor the clocks to not let that happen again,” he said.

Brazil’s Health Ministry has launched an audit to investigate further. It is not clear how the fingerprints of the doctors were imprinted onto the silicon fingertips.

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