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What’s hampering productivity outside of the office

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In today’s demanding business landscape, offering staff the option to work outside the office seems to make good business sense – but how can bosses overcome challenges posed by working in external environments?

According to a new report by Regus, various “noisy and disruptive settings”  exist for staff working in external locations.

In Hong Kong, IT glitches and lengthy meetings were identified as the top productivity killers (46%) barring employees from working at their optimal levels, higher than the global average of 43% and 40% respectively.

Canvassing responses of over 22,000 workers across more than 100 countries, the report found traffic jams in Hong Kong was the second top reason (43%) why staff were struggling to work outside of the office.

“Having the option to work from different locations can be enormously beneficial for many workers, but the challenge is in finding the right environment outside of the office to allow people to remain just as, if not more productive” said Michael Ormiston, Country Manager, Regus Hong Kong.

“For those without a professional home office, business centres with their professional, productive working environments and IT security provide an answer, allowing busy professionals the peace and functionality they need, when they need it.”

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However, like their counterparts around the world, Hong Kong respondents did not find working at home – even with a professional setting – was the best option.

Over 60% of the respondents stated preferred working in a business centre.

“One of the reasons may be due to the size of the apartments in Hong Kong, which are relatively small,” the report stated.

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