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Feel Good Friday: Confess your work sins online

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A new online “confessional” allows frustrated creative professionals to rant anonymously about their jobs – and admit to their office ‘sins’.

Creative Confessions ( allows people working in the creative space to share mostly one-lined confessions about their job.

Those already posted range from expected (“I hope that the agency that laid me off goes down in a large ball of fire”) to the illegal (“I go easy on one of the juniors because they get me decent drugs”).

Readers of the site are also able to rate the confessions by clicking on “absolve” for those they agree with, or “condemn”.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • “When I am told by account service to ‘use this copy exactly’, I leave in all the typos, punctuation errors and double spaces just to be a d***.”
  • “My copywriter partner is the most effortlessly hilarious woman I’ve ever met. God I hate her.”
  • “Once I changed a tampon under my desk because I was trying to hit a deadline.”
  • “My partner and I book conference rooms just to talk s*** about the people we work with.”
  • “I routinely fight the urge to tell co-workers that their Instagram filters have more talent than they do.”
  • “I really didn’t make the logo bigger.”

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