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FedEx’s HR head apologises for careless couriers

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FedEx has officially apologised for the behaviour of one of their employees, after she was caught on camera forcefully tossing packages into the back of a truck.

YouTube user ‘banstaman’ posted the original video, showing the employee throwing packages around while the van was parked in front of his car.

At one point, the employee even gives a thumbs up after throwing dozens of potentially valuable items into the truck.

Watch the full video:

The video has had more than 1.2 million views.

In response to the incident, Shannon A. Brown, FedEx’s senior vice president of human resources, also took to YouTube to apologise to customers.

“On behalf of all FedEx team members worldwide, I want to tell you that we are very disappointed to see the recent online video.

FedEx sets high performance standards for our team members, which is why our customers trust us to pick up and deliver almost 10 million packages a day around the globe.

I want you to know that this situation is completely unacceptable to us, and this driver is no longer working for FedEx.

I want to apologise to all of our customers for the actions of this individual.”

Watch the full video of FedEx’s apology:

This is not the first time the company has gone viral for errant employees. In 2011, a FedEx employee was caught on CCTV throwing a computer monitor over a fence, instead of delivering the package to the front door.

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