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The best psychometric testing providers in Singapore and Malaysia

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When looking for a job, Millennials (more than any other generation) are known to place a high priority on a culture that matches their personality. In fact, a 2017 report surveying 18,337 individuals in 19 countries found that 53% of Gen Z are “afraid” or “very afraid” of not getting a job that matches their personality.

Within the time given to fill openings these days, it is often an arduous task just to find a reasonably suitable candidate for a role. Thus, psychometric testing has migrated from the fringe to become an increasingly common part of the talent acquisition process. It is used by companies to ensure that shortlists are free of people whose personalities do not gel with an employer’s culture. Those using psychometric testing are also engaging teams in a dialogue about work styles.

The Best Psychometric Testing Providers at the HR Vendors of the Year 2018 awards in Singapore and  Malaysia are the companies that have consistently provided insights into a candidate’s personality and future behaviour.

Singapore – Best Psychometric Testing Providers

Gold – Talent Plus
Silver – SHL
Bronze – StrengthsAsia

Malaysia – Best Psychometric Testing Providers

Gold – Accendo
Silver – Thomas International
Bronze – SHL


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