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The best corporate wellness providers in Malaysia and Singapore

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Research shows that pain-related productivity losses cost companies across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines the equivalent of US$44.6 billion in 2016 – or 2.4% of the countries’ combined gross domestic product, and counting.

With the rising cost of healthcare, many companies have found that prevention (that is, keeping staff healthy) is cheaper than cure (that is, healing them when they are sick). In some cases, the cost of company-sponsored nutrition, exercise and ergonomic office designs reduces spend on doctors, hospitals and insurance (not to mention the cost of absenteeism and low productivity) by more than the cost of prevention.

The winners and finalists in the Best Corporate Wellness Providers category at the  HR Vendors of the Year 2018 awards in Singapore and Malaysia do their best in keeping their clients’ workforces healthy through their products and services.

Singapore – Best Corporate Wellness Providers

Gold – Fullerton Healthcare Group
Silver – Virgin Pulse
Bronze – AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre


Malaysia – Best Corporate Wellness Providers

Gold – Virgin Pulse
Silver – ASP Medical Group
Bronze – Spectrum of Life Integrative Wellness Centre

International Psychology Centre

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