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#RA2017 questions answered: Bee Hong Tan, head of HR, Alcon Manufacturing

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Continuing our series of Q&As with speakers from Recruitment Asia 2017, Malaysia, that took place on 31 Oct-1 Nov and produced by Priya Veeriah, we speak to Bee Hong Tan, head of human resources, Alcon Manufacturing, and get some answers to the top questions received during the conference:

Q: Since the skills required in a manufacturing industry is very niche, is there stiff competition amongst your top talent and do you think they look out for onboarding specifically?

Yes, it is a competitive market for talents, especially those who have relevant technical skills in the pharma/medical devices industry. Besides, our location so close to Singapore also increases the competition making it more challenging.

There are many other factors affecting talent attraction and retention, not just onboarding alone.  However, if we stay competitive in areas such as compensation and benefits, career development, environment, an effective onboarding program will play a role in enhancing the company branding.

This positive company reputation will in turn boost talent attraction.

Q: In this fast-paced environment with Millennials flooding the talent market, do you think hundreds of SOP can be stumbling blocks?

All industries are consistently looking to improve internal processes. SOP is an important guide for us in the pharma/medical devices industry to ensure that our customers/patients health is priority.

Thus we cannot sacrifice necessary SOP just to satisfy Millennials, but instead we should look into simplifying and digitalising such SOP, creating interest amongst them.

Q: When crafting out the specific onboarding programme, what other stakeholders are involved in this strategic plan?

We receive global support in reviewing our draft, key senior leadership team, site change management champion as well as associates inputs though internal surveys. All their feedbacks are taken into account.

Moreover, we practice annual reviews religiously and consistency to make any necessary changes to help in progression of the plan from time to time.

Please stay tuned for responses from other speakers! Other speakers who have given answers to questions from the conference include Dato ‘Aliyah Karen, CEO, MAA Medicare Charitable Foundation and Clayton Tan, HR director, Vinda Group.

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