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Faces of HR: Alcon’s HR Head, Bee Hong Tan on the craziest HR idea she has heard

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In this exclusive, Priya Veeriah engages Bee Hong Tan, Head of HR for Alcon for a three-minute rapid fire Q&A on her speaking participation at the upcoming Talent Experience Forum on 5 November at Pavilion KL and more.

During a fire side chat in track 2 (Designing and impactful and tech-led candidate experience), the gold award winner for HR Excellence Awards’ Best On boarding Experience will be sharing how they have delivered a holistic candidate experience by leveraging on brand value. Other panel members include Anita Selveraju and Lee Ming Choo.

This one day forum is going to be packed yet the most fun and interactive conference you would have attended, with fresh session formats lined up especially for you!

Q What was the craziest HR idea you have ever heard/received?

A manager once asked me, “when are you introducing AI? I want to know when I can read each of my associate’s mind to foster engagement to the greatest!”

Q What would you describe your dream career to be?

I think with Alcon, I am close to my dream career… Whatever I do in human capital development today, it helps my customers and patients to see brilliantly!

Q Having won multiple awards, what are some golden nuggets we can expect to hear from you at the #TalentExperienceForum panel discussion?

Keep learning, keep sharing, keep exploring and keep challenging yourself for doing greater.

Q If there is one thing people can gain from your session, what would it be?

My energy + my passion!

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#TalentExperienceForum is the preferred conference your business cant run without.

See you on 5 November.

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