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60 seconds with Ross Sparkman from Facebook

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Human Resources had a quick chat with Ross Sparkman, head of strategic workforce planning at Facebook, and author of three publications.

Sparkman has more than 15 years of experience in HR management, people analytics and organisational development. He is considered an expert and thought leader in the fields of human capital strategy and strategic workforce planning.

In his fourth year at Facebook, he continues to lead the people planning function that ensures the people side of the growth is aligned with the business side of the growth.

In his keynote speech at Talent Management Asia Hong Kong in March, he will further elaborate on how an organisation should view strategic workforce planning and data analytics, how to ensure a fluid, sustainable and scalable people planning process is in place, and how to build a high-functioning strategic workforce planning team.

Q What does a high quality workforce look like? 

When I think of a quality workforce, I think of one that is efficient, productive and happy. There are many factors that can contribute to this definition of a quality workforce, but there is one factor that stands out above the others, and that is an engaged workforce.

Q How can C-Suite and HR leaders collaborate and work out a plan?

I believe it’s really important for HR leaders and the C-Suite to have a shared vision on what the company’s future workforce should look like. HR leaders must be able to communicate that initial vision through a strong business case supported by data that outlines risks and opportunities. Without these factors in place from the start, it will be hard to create a credible buy-in.

Q One key tip for HR leaders.

Don’t underestimate the power of having the right skills and team in place to build a good strategic workforce plan and strategy. The team should possess a good mix of analytical skills, business acumen, leadership and effective communication

Q What are you hoping to achieve with your keynote speech?

I’m hoping conference delegates will walk away from my speech with a better understanding of the importance of strategic workforce planning, along with insight into the key pillars that are required to develop a good strategic workforce planning function.

Between 19 and 20 March 2019, the two-day Talent Management Asia conference will showcase the best practices in talent management, acquisition and retention and cover the most pressing talent management issues facing HR professionals today.

Other confirmed speakers include Varshaa Ram Kutik from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Steven Campbell from Hallmark Cards and Cary Shek from Klook.

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