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What employers expect in graduates

Is this what you’re looking for when hiring fresh graduates?

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Graduates who demonstrate qualities of being able to lead a team, as well as work within a team, are more likely to be looked at favourably by prospective employers.

A sign of the growing importance of developing leaders for the future, this study found the largest number of employers look for “leadership” and “ability to work in a team” while recruiting graduates (77.8%).

However, when faced with two equally qualified candidates, employers said they will choose the one with experience in a leadership position over the other, “evidence that having leadership skills can make or break a hiring decision,” said the report.

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Written communication skills feature next on the list of hiring priorities (73.4%), followed by problem-solving skills, and a strong work ethic.

Here’s the top 10 ranking of what employers look for in a graduate’s resume:

  1. Leadership – 77.8%
  2. Ability to work in a team – 77.8%
  3. Written communication skills – 73.4%
  4. Problem-solving skills – 70.9%
  5. Strong work ethic – 70.4%
  6. Analytical and quantitative skills – 68%
  7. Technical skills – 67.5%
  8. Verbal communication skills – 67%
  9. Initiative – 66.5%
  10. Computer skills – 62.6%

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