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Employers just aren’t getting it

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Employers in Singapore are not meeting staff expectations, with both parties having different priorities for what they want.

Local employees ranked competitive compensation, a pleasant working atmosphere and good work-life balance as the top factors they want when looking for a job.

However, according to the Randstad survey of 226 HR and business leaders in Singapore, employers believe the top three factors to boost their position as an employer of choice were competitive compensation, career progression opportunities and job security.

A separate survey by jobsDB found 43% of Singaporeans are open to new job opportunities and a third of employees are actively on the lookout for new career options.

Michael Smith, country director for Randstad Singapore, said it is “imperative” bosses understand what motivates employees and provide for their needs.

“Otherwise employers will waste time and efforts focused on refining aspects of their organisation that may not be of importance to employees,” he said.

Last week, Randstad released another report revealing the biggest reasons that are driving employees to consider leaving their jobs. They included unsatisfactory compensation, a lack of recognition, poor work-life balance and a non-conducive working culture.

“In today’s tight talent market, employers need to consider every aspect of their employer brand to ensure they can attract and retain the right talent to fuel business growth and drive competitive advantage,” Smith said.

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