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Employees are happiest at 6:08pm on Friday

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Knowing about the best and worst times of the week for your employees is probably a good idea, if you wish to get the most of your hardworking staff.

According to research carried out by Citizens Advice, the happiest moment of the week is at 6.08pm on Friday evening, which for many, is the start of the weekend.

That’s when traffic numbers on their website, which gives advice on employment rights, dip significantly, revealing the moment when people are the least dissatisfied with their current place of work.

“Saturday is the quietest day on the page, with traffic building again on Sunday evening as people face the prospect of returning to work the next day,” the report stated.

In addition, Citizens Advice highlighted 1.42pm on Mondays as the exact moment when people get totally fed up with their jobs, and are at their unhappiest.

In fact, Monday lunchtimes are when work woes reach ‘fever pitch’ according to the report, with thousands of people logging on to seek advice on the basic rights of employees to discover how to stand up to their boss.

“Anxieties start building on the eve of returning to work and reach fever pitch by lunchtime on the following day, with more people looking for guidance then than at any other time.”

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