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How employees can hide their intention to jump ship

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LinkedIn is a great platform for employers to promote their job openings, and job seekers to showcase their resumes.

While the world’s biggest employment network is helping employers acquire the right talent, it can also pose a threat for them with employees being able to continuously look for better positions.

Recently, New York-based start-up Joberate produced the J-score, a figure that helps employers determine the intensity of an employee’s job seeking activities by tracking their social media footprints, including LinkedIn.

It was reported that if a staff member begins making a bunch of professional connections on LinkedIn, he or she has a higher chance of wanting to move on.

Last week, LinkedIn announced a new feature – open candidates – which allows people to secretly look for a new job while still being employed, the Phone World reported.

It permits users to make a hint only to recruiters, who are paying for LinkedIn’s premium service, that they are open for new opportunities. Recruiters, who are in search of candidates, will get a signal that a specific candidate is considering changing jobs.

Nobody except the recruiters using the LinkedIn paid service will be able to see if the user is using the open candidates function.

Industry insiders predicted that with this new feature, LinkedIn users will be able to signal a little more active interest in considering opportunities, helping recruiters more accurately target employed candidates who might be open to making a move.

According to a study from consulting firm CEB, about 40% of the labour market is made up of people who don’t want to be contacted by recruiters at all, while another 35% are not looking, but are open to contact.

“It should theoretically make it more effective and efficient for recruiters,” Brian Kropp, CEB’s human resources practice leader told The Washington Post.

He also predicted the new feature could cut down on the deluge of inquiries some users, especially those in high-demand industries, receive from recruiters, which turns some people off.

“Candidates are bombarded by so many recruiters that they’re not responding to anything,” he said.

For now, this feature will be primarily accessible in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. It will roll out across more markets later this year.

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