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Employee sues allegedly jealous boss for firing her boyfriend

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An employee who worked for the same New York based health-care company as her boyfriend is suing her employer for firing him, claiming her boss was jealous of the couple.

According to the New York Post, Dominick Martinez and Crystal Brown both claim in their federal lawsuit that they were harassed by their boss, Tanesha Gee Charles, at Heartshare Human Services, a provider for people with developmental disabilities.

The suit claims that Charles would call Martinez fat in front of Brown, with comments such as: “Did you ever see [Martinez] with his shirt off and see how big his breasts are?”

The boss also confessed she was in love with Brown, according to the report.

“Do you know the situation with the lesbians? I am in love with you,” the suit claims.

The couple also reported in the lawsuit that Charles even approached their daughter and told her “she wished she were her father.”

Martinez, who was a customer-care worker at Heartshare, says in the suit that he was forced into physical labour work that was outside of his job description.

This was despite his severe asthma and health problems, he claims.

He was later fired from his job.

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