• 2015 APAC Outlook- Trends, analysis and forecast for C&B

    Acquire learning points on the key HR trends and its impact on Compensation & Benefits: Economic outlooks, salary increments, C&B costs and workforce needs.

  • Salary and bonus trends and best practices

    Which is more impactful for future performance:Performance based one-time bonus vs. salary increments. Build a learning strategy to know how should it be managed.

  • Simplifying compensation by improving flexibility

    Best practices to develop a single pay benefit package: What are the potential risks and how to overhaul your benefits system? Can we fully harness the working potential of your employee by providing more flexibility?

  • Mobility and global rewards

    Optimizing your expatriate management program: Benchmarking policies and practices with competitors. How to balance a global framework in a local context?

  • Healthcare and well-being

    What wellness programs are being implemented in Asia: Is this enough? Measure how can we continually innovate wellness initiatives to ensure sustainable engagement and retention?

  • Non-cash rewards and recognition programmes

    Gain better understanding of the employee mindset: How does performance relate to cash and non-cash reward expectations?

  • Cost management and programme optimisation

    Uncover the steps towards reviewing and optimizing your Compensation & Benefits initiatives: Where to re-invest, re-group or cut?

  • Employee value proposition

    Engaging top management for more effective benefits communication and value recognition in employees

  • Innovations in the compensation & benefits function

    Data analytics for C&B: Data-driven decisions for a more successful HR strategy. What are the best practices in developing compensation-specific analytic tools and processes?

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