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Don’t make me ask Singa to come back

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Okay, what is up with all the acting out, guys?

First, there was the office abuse that got caught on camera, then there were those two employees who got caught for fraud and theft.

Singa must have been onto something when he called Singapore an “increasingly angry and disagreeable society” in his open resignation letter. And seeing how everything’s panned out in the last week, I have to take his side on this one.

Just because Big Brother’s no longer watching and preaching for us to be gracious and kind through billboards and newspaper ads doesn’t make it okay to hit your co-workers or steal half a million dollars from your company.

So, please start acting like mature, respectful and responsible adults. If you have an issue with a colleague, be cordial and professional. Hash it out over lunch, or if things are really going south, arrange for a meeting with everyone involved and HR.

There is absolutely no need for violence, illegal strikes or anything in between.

We shouldn’t need a big lion mascot to tell us to behave, Singapore. Let’s not force Singa out of retirement.

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