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The most dangerous jobs in Australia

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Employees who spend a lot of time in a vehicle for your job, you might want to read this.

According to an annual list by, the most dangerous job in Australia is a truck driver, and those working in the transport and storage industry in general. The study found these jobs to have the highest number of fatalities this year, with 65 deaths in total.

Those working in agriculture, forestry and fishing are the next most likely to be hurt on killed on the job, with 3,815 serious injuries and 53 deaths recorded for the year to date.

Coming in third place – perhaps unsurprisingly as well – is the construction industry, with 30 deaths for the year and 12,485 serious injuries.

Construction sites are Singapore’s deadliest workplaces
Construction deaths still rising in Singapore

The study warned that accidents can happen at work “more often than you think”. In Australia in 2012, there were more than 12 million workers, and in that year 5.3% of all injuries or illnesses were work-related.

“Work-related injury is more prominent for men between the ages of 45 and 54, with 66 injuries per 1,000. For women aged 45 years and over, the rate is just 59 injuries per 1,000,” it stated.

Australia’s most dangerous jobs created by

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