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Companies are only maximising the potential of 5% of staff

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Every company wants high performers in their workforce, but how many effectively utilise the potential of such talented employees?

Not many, according to a new study from Gallup. which collated data from 20 research reports across seven different organisations and 7,477 employees.

The study found three key attributes of high performers – long tenure (a decade or more), engagement, and a job which is aligned with their innate talent.

Employees with all three attributes have been found to perform 18% than the average employee and 35% higher than an employee without any of these attributes.

In a typical company, only a handful (5%) of employees have all three attributes.

“Our finding that just 5% of employees are in the proverbial ‘sweet spot’ – engaged at work, in roles that are the right fit for them and at their company for 10 years or more – likely indicates that few organisations are examining their workforce to understand where their people fit,” the report stated.

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The report identified a need for bosses to prioritise developing each of the three attributes in their staff equally, especially as focusing on one did not guarantee the existence of the other.

It also found that the longest tenured employees are also likely to be the ones who are least engaged.

Comparatively, employees who have been tenured for more than 10 years have lower engagement levels and are more actively disengaged than those who have been in employment for less than a year (27% vs 37% and 21% vs 18% respectively).

Gallup employee tenure infograhpic

“Even among workers who have less tenure and are engaged and highly talented for their role, their performance is 9% better than average and 24% higher than someone with low talent who is actively disengaged,” the study stated.

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