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China’s best-paid professions for graduates

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Thanks to the country’s internet boom, graduates working in China’s computing industry are among the most highly paid professionals.

As reported by South China Morning Post (SCMP), jobs in internet development and applications were China’s best-paid professions, earning last year’s graduates an average monthly salary of 4,582 yuan.

These were followed by graduates in computer and data processing jobs, earning an average monthly income of 4,562 yuan.

Citing a report by Mycos, the SCMP story stated graduates in the highest-paying jobs studied computer science or technology and software engineering.

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Local graduates who joined the media, information and communications industry were the second highest paid professionals in the country, earning an average of 4,304 yuan.

The finance industry came next, with a monthly average income of 4,291 yuan.

Graduates in medical professions earned comparatively less. Earning 2,713 yuan six months after graduating, physicians were the lowest paid.

The article added that on average, last year’s graduates earned 3,487 yuan per month, 7.3% higher than that of 2013’s 3,250 yuan per month.

Even after taking into consideration inflation factors, the income of graduates maintained stable growth over the past three years.

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