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TVB actress files case for unpaid wages

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Television Broadcast Limited (TVB) has filed a case on behalf of actress Charmaine Sheh to help her chase for HK$935,000 in unpaid overtime compensation, according to EJ Insight.

Sheh’s contract with film studio Champion Peak paid her HK$1.9 million for working on the film “Return of the Cuckoo”  for 18 days, 12 hours per day.  If the shooting overruns, Sheh is to receive an additional HK$110,000 per day.

According to Charmaine’s manager, the filming ran over schedule for an additional 17 days, which means Sheh is owned HK$935,000 in overtime pay.

During yesterday’s hearing, legal representatives of Champion Peak requested for more time to prepare a defence which was approved.  The court also ordered the defendant to produce a defence within 28 days or else the case will be awarded to the plaintiff.

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