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Powerful CEO to show are CEOs most powerful in societies?

CEOs: Powerful, but not respected

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The men and women residing at the top of an organisation might be viewed as being the prime drivers of getting things done, but how people really feel about the CEO outside their job scope is quite different.

While 47% of the general population in the US view the CEO as being one of the most powerful people in society, only 9% said they are also respected.

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According to a new study by CNBC and Burson-Marsteller, most of the world also thinks CEOs are paid too much, with 38% worldwide saying CEOs make more money than professional athletes, entertainers and heads of state. Teachers should be the highest paid professionals, said 30% of respondents, followed by police and firefighters (22%) and doctors (15%).

Additionally, nearly one third of the executive suite in the developed world believe corporations are becoming less socially responsible.

CEOs were also highlighted as being mostly motivated by their own compensation, especially in countries such as Russia, Germany and South Korea.

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“Six years after the economic crisis hit, this major survey makes clear that, while the reputations of corporations and business leaders are improving, there is still real work to do to dispel doubts about their impact,” Donald A. Baer, worldwide chair and CEO of Burson-Marsteller, said.

“The good news is this survey is a corporate compass that points in the direction of even deeper engagement between corporations and their leaders and the broader public about their essential roles in building the economy and improving society.”

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