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C&B leaders focus on employee-centricity as part of complete package

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Employee Benefits Asia 2019 Hong Kong kicked off in slightly unconventional fashion with a stretching exercise led by event emcee Teressa Siu, an award-winning broadcast journalist at Lotus TV.

The one-day conference invited 17 industry leaders to discuss the hottest C&B trends below through keynote presentations, case studies and panel discussions. The highlights include:

  • How to encourage employees to take charge of their benefis programs
  • Advancing dialogue with employees through personalised compensation packages
  • The rise of employee psychological and financial wellbeing to improve productivity and growth
  • Co-creating a diverse and inclusive workplace through employee centricity
  • A total rewards system for the future of workforce in the gig economy

Human Resources has gathered some of the quotes from the day below:

“We constantly ask ourselves: are we employee-centric enough? Because at the end of the day, it’s about the people. When we executive our wellness programme, we make sure there won’t be other strategies contradicting it,” said Angee Chan, head of people & culture at Philip Morris Asia.
“Help employees see the need of your wellness programme, instead of boosting the programme temporarily with some glamorous incentives,” said Gladys Liu, group director, human resources at Harrow International Management Services.
“We want our employees to take ownership of their wellbeing. They need to understand what we are offering and why we are offering that,” said John Lee, executive director, regional head of benefits and wellness at J.P. Morgan.
“How we brand ourselves is key. There is an element of marketing in human resources. The visibility of human resources and management is key to the success of your wellness programme. It is like a gift wrapping for a present,” said Candy Tang, executive director, HR at BC Group.
“We are looking at offering digital solution, seamlessly integrated with AIA Vitality Programme, to reward the right behaviour,” Elaine Lau, chief corporation solutions officer at AIA Hong Kong and Macau.
“We always ask ourselves: ‘How to make the world a better place? At the end of the day, we are all somewhat the same. We want to feel respected. We want to be fairly compensated. We want to serve a purpose. So now, how can we make sure our benefit programmes are in line with that? ” said Timothy Bean, senior director– human resources and administration at Hasbro Far East.
“Employers need to embark the journey of showing they really care about the employee,” said Knattapisit Krutkrongchai, chief marketing officer at AIA Hong Kong and Macau.
“We are nowhere (near) perfect. We are always learning. There is no perfect answer to C&B package. Therefore, sometimes even though you have a HR policy in black-and-white, you have to understand that it is for admin. HR leaders can’t follow every line of the written policy. They need to change a bit when there is a need,” said Godfrey Mitchell, head of HR- cluster leader- HK, Taiwan, Australia & New Zealand at British Council.
“Think about intrinsic motivation of team members. Reward them from their standpoint. Always come up with a solution with some of these elements: surprise, visibility, uniqueness,” said Bianca Wong, vice president, regional human resources at Hilti Asia.

The event then concluded with and a fun and stress-releasing yoga exercise that involved laughing and putting together of palms. All part of the modern-day mental health and wellness package.

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