A top factor in maintaining an agile workforce was the ability to attract and retain a diverse talent, with 44% of respondents indicating it as 'very important', and 41% saying it's 'extremely important'.

Building truly inclusive and diverse companies starts with leaders. Before goal-setting and strategies, they first need to be allies to their employees, shares Amelynn Tan, Head of HR, Singapore, 3M. 

Marcus D’Souza, Managing Director SEA, MiQ, recounts that any success he can fondly look back on with pride, has all been down to the team he works with, rather than any individual contribution.

The success and failure of any company solely depends on the ability to manage the cash flow. If you can sustain yourself during a tough time, it all boils down to cash flow management, says Dr. Rajiv Bhanot, CEO, H2GO Global.

Glassdoor has revealed the top-performing CEOs during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – as well as a list of commonly held leadership attributes.

For Kawal Preet, President, FedEx, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, almost everything that is exciting involves change - as it means being extra nimble in responding to global trade shifts.