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More candidates in Asia Pacific are faking their resumes

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Looks like it is paying off for bosses in Asia Pacific to conduct background screening checks before hiring candidates.

According to a report by First Advantage, the region saw an overall candidate background discrepancy of 18% in 2014 – a 6.5% increase from 2013.

The report based its conclusions on data drawn from employment background verifications and reference checks conducted by First Advantage in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Discrepancies were defined in the report as an inconsistency in the information a candidate has supplied or the presence of criminal activity found in the background screening process.

“Even though the concept of background screening is relatively new in the region, it is picking up at a rapid pace,” said Matthew Glasner, managing director, South APAC, First Advantage.

“Accepting it as a hiring best practice, more employers are making background screening an integral part of their recruitment process.”

Out of all employment discrepancies found in Asia Pacific in 2014, 54% came from employment history.

Within this category, discrepancies related to designation/job title at the top of the graph at 10.81%, followed by tenure at an organisation at 8.59% (with variance not exceeding six months) and 7.43% (with variance exceeding six months).

Discrepancies related to reasons for leaving came in at 3.76%, followed by last drawn salary at 3.55% and eligibility for rehire at 2.70%.

Education-related discrepancies stood at 20% last year, according to the report.

The three most common discrepancies in this area were graduation dates with a variance of more than six months, graduation dates with a variance of less than six months as well as unconfirmed or unverifiable degrees.

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