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Breakfast with a mentor

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How would you like to discuss SAP HCM issues with your mentor over breakfast?

That’s exactly what a recent “Breakfast with an SAP Mentor” networking event held by SpinifexIT did.

The event brought together more than two dozen HCM executives at the Marina Mandarin Hotel in Singapore. It featured facilitated discussions around various SAP HCM topics over breakfast.

Renowned author and SAP mentor, Danielle Larocca, led two of the sessions – “making sense out of the changing SAP HCM and SuccessFactors landscapes” as well as an interactive session aimed at tackling the most common SAP HCM challenges.

“It is important to understand the options and potential directives to take in this evolving HCM market,” shared Aju Murjani, managing partner S.E. Asia for SpinifexIT.

“It’s equally important for customers to continue to leverage their investments as they evolve from administrative to strategic HR.”

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