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Bounce to work on a trampoline!

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Heading to work but can’t find a taxi? No problem, just take the trampoline.

Bouncing to the office on a trampoline is one of those things you never knew you wanted, but the minute it is announced, it’s the only way you want to commute.

This crazy idea is set to become reality – in London, at least – thanks to Transport for London’s (TfL) Future Streets Incubator project.

The organisation, responsible for most aspects of London’s transport system, is hoping to transform streets and public places, with a £1.8 million investment in this project.

This idea of trampolining to work, called The Bounceway, is set to become the world’s longest urban trampoline. While the locations it will cover have not been finalised yet, the plan is to first install it in a prime London locality as a pop-up public event.

TfL is working with Architecture for Humanity, and is hoping to partly-fund the trials through a crowdfunding campaign.

“This iconic and inclusive new public space in the heart of London will boost fitness and fun, and provide a novel form of transport where the journey is the main event,” said TfL’s website. 

TfL stated that the Bounceway will be safe to use for everyone, including wheelchair users, and babies in prams.

The project is currently listed on Spacehive, as the team is scouting for locations to start with.

“We can put London on the map as the city that first bounced – a giant jump for mankind,” listed the project’s promotional video.

Image: The Bounceway, Spacehive

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