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How bosses in Hong Kong are now measuring productivity

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Remote working in Hong Kong is becoming the new normal, with most firms now measuring productivity by actual output rather than time spent sitting in the office

New research by global workplace provider Regus has revealed that 80% of Hong Kong firms are shifting their productivity focus from counting how much time people spend in the office, to measuring their actual output.

The study, canvassing the opinions of over 44,000 people from more than 100 different countries, including 365 respondents in Hong Kong, found that 53% of local respondents are managed by a remote manager at least some of the time.

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This was higher than the global average of 46%.

In light of this, 43% of companies globally have recognised the value of mobile working and are putting special training in place for management to handle a remote workforce.

The percentage is even higher in Hong Kong at 54%

“The huge cultural shift in the workplace towards flexible working continues to grow. This latest research shows that the business people are embracing this change. With improved productivity, better staff retention and lower operating costs at stake, implementing successful remote management processes can clearly bring businesses huge benefits,” said John Wright, CEO of Regus Asia-Pacific.

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