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Bizarre HR: Keep a “bully diary” at work

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Work safety watchdogs in Australia want employees to start keeping “bully diaries” in order to gather evidence on unacceptable behaviours in the office.

Safe Work Australia said their code of practice has recently expanded to include comments left on social media websites or internet chat rooms by employers or co-workers as “workplace bullying”.

It also brands bosses as bullies if they assign employees tasks below their skill levels or subject workers to “excessive scrutiny”, reported.

Co-workers who spread malicious rumours are also classified as bullies, although the code has been watered down in parts, removing “teasing”, “practical jokes” and “displaying offensive material” as forms of bullying.

As a guide for workers, the new code also suggests employees should keep a diary as “bullying can sometimes be difficult to prove if it is subtle or covert,” it states.

“Make detailed notes of what is happening … this information may be useful later, particularly if the matter is unresolved or escalates.”

Safe Work also advises workers who are feeling bullied to first “tell the person that their behaviour is unwanted and unacceptable and ask them to stop”.

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