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Bizarre HR: Disgruntled worker drives bulldozer through office

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You know an employee has had a bad day at work when they decide to plow a bulldozer through their office.

Officials are uncertain what drove Lynn Benson to smash the bulldozer into his office in Texas, but said he was “under pressure” from long working hours.

Benson, who works at Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, allegedly caused around US$1.5 million (S$1.8 m) worth of damage after he hopped on the bulldozer as part of his regular duties, the Daily Mail reported.

KHOU-TV reported that investigators believe Benson waited until the end of the day to drive the machine through his boss’ front office. He was then arrested by local police.

Vice president Frank Wilson told KTRK that no one was hurt, as it happened after business hours.

“This is an area at sale time that would be full of people, full of our staff,” he said.

Wilson told the station he had spoken with Benson recently, but was there was no indication he was upset enough to be destructive.

“At the end of a sale, everybody is pretty tired because of the long hours. Was he tired and a little beat up from the sale? Sure, but that’s not abnormal,” Wilson told them.

“You know obviously he needs some help.”

Benson was charged with felony criminal mischief and workers are currently waiting for insurance adjusters to assess the damage so they can rebuild the office.

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