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Bizarre HR: Bosses forced to remove unisex toilets

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Council employees excited to move into their new £50 million (S$95m) complex in Rochdale were shocked to discover unisex toilets on every floor.

The 2,000 workers were not happy when they realised both male and female employees had to share cubicles. The management is now reassessing the situation to properly allocate single-sex toilets, the Daily Mail reported.

Currently, each floor of the office building has eight toilet cubicles, each with both male and female symbols on the door.

However, each cubicle is equipped with its own washing and drying facilities, and is not communal.

“It’s bizarre that council bosses pressed ahead with unisex loos despite a clear lack of demand for them. This is a perfect example of politically correct thinking trumping common sense at the expense of everyone else,” Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said.

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