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4 in 5 staff want more company updates – even if they’re bad

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It is not surprising that a majority of employees (four in five) would want to know about the performance of the company they’re working for.

In fact, according to a survey by Geckoboard on 2000 employees, even if the company is doing badly, more than 90% of respondents would rather hear the bad news than be left in the dark.

More than half of the respondents revealed that having easy access to company performance data helps make them more focused and productive in their jobs.

However, only 10% of respondents are aware of their company’s performance.

In addition, almost half of them revealed that their organisations distribute it via email, where important data can easily be diluted amongst all the other noise in their inbox.

So why don’t companies share such important data with its employees?

While 30% of the respondents revealed that their company does not keep data hidden from them, over a quarter cited that “information is power” and felt that their bosses were playing power games by intentionally keeping that piece of information hidden from them.

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As a result of the lack of data, 1 in 4 employees have or know someone who has left an organisation. 3 in 4 respondents also revealed that they have less confidence in bosses who are secretive with data.

Additionally, over 50% of those polled have admitted to undertaking their own detective work to understand company performance.

The survey also found out that employees working in the HR industry were most nosey with 74% agreed to digging for their own data. This was followed by those in the arts industry (66.7%) and IT industry (59.8%).

On the other hand, those who work in the sales, media and marketing industry were the least likely to dig for data themselves (35.5%) followed by the healthcare industry (42.9%) and the retail, catering and leisure industry (47.1%).

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