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Amazon workers take action over workplace conditions

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Seven Amazon warehouse workers have filed a lawsuit against the online retailer, claiming the company’s policies don’t leave them enough time to eat lunch.

According to the lawsuit filed in South Carolina, the workers state they were required to continue working even after their breaks, which were half an hour long and unpaid, had begun.

They also maintain the hold ups in getting through a security screening for breaks – and then walking for approximately six minutes across the huge warehouse to get outside – left them with “less than 18 minutes” to eat their lunch before getting back to work.

The complaint states: “As a result of the time spent clocking in and out, going through the Defendants’ screening process, and walking to and from the break room or their vehicles, Plaintiffs and other Warehouse Workers typically received less than eighteen (18) minutes to eat during their break.

“As a result of Defendants policies and practices, Plaintiffs and other Warehouse  workers were unable to pursue their mealtime adequately and comfortably, and they were engaged in the performance of duties predominantly for Defendants’ benefit.”

The workers also claim their breaks were often interrupted by managers who told them they had failed to meet their quotas on the warehouse floor.

Overall, the lawsuit claims the tight timelines on workers’ breaks is in violation of federal wage and hour laws.

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