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All staff at Philip Morris Malaysia paid equally for equivalent work

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Philip Morris Malaysia (PMM) has attained the Equal-Salary label from the Equal-Salary Foundation, validating that women and men working in the company are paid equally for equivalent work, thus focusing the company’s attention on the broader issue of gender equality.

This is an affirmation of the company’s efforts to recognise that diverse teams and an inclusive culture are needed to drive innovation and success, the company said in a press release.

Kang Tae Koo, Managing Director of Philip Morris Malaysia, said: “For our employees, PMM’s achievement as the first Equal-Salary certified company in Malaysia makes us an employer of choice committed to equality and to fostering an inclusive and dynamic workforce.”

Adding to this, Véronique Goy Veenhuys, Founder & CEO, Equal-Salary Foundation, said: “PMM can be proud of its Equal-Salary Certification, making them the frontrunner of the rigorous, independent Equal-Salary methodology in Malaysia.

“While today, we still cannot take equal pay for equivalent work for granted, the commitment of companies like PMM is a welcome step forward on the journey toward achieving global wage parity, and contributes to the broader challenge of closing the gender pay gap.”

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