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Alibaba’s business school empowers young entrepreneurs

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Talent. Not everyone has it, but everyone wants it. To address the shortfall, Alibaba has unveiled an ambitious new initiative to boost the talent pipeline and nurture young business men and women.

The next Jack Ma or Richard Branson could be just around the corner.

Alibaba announced the expansion of its Global eCommerce Talent (GET) initiative at a symposium in Guiyang (the capital of Guizhou province in southwest China) on 24 July.

The symposium – “Entrepreneurship and innovation education in the era of the digital economy” – brought together GET-trained university lecturers and students from more than 60 universities, along with partners from 22 countries, including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Mexico.

As part of the network, education partners receive learning materials based on actual real-world case studies and multimedia learning modules via an online learning and simulation platform taught by Alibaba experts.

Participating universities also have the option of sending their lecturers to receive additional training on how to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the digital economy.

“Gaining access to the advice and assistance of the Alibaba GET network will help us to better prepare our students to both succeed in the digital economy and ensure our sustainability in the long term,” said Dr Elizabeth Lee, CEO of Sunway Education Group.

“We believe our faculty and student body will benefit not only from the expertise and experience of Alibaba and its ecosystem, but also from the opportunity to interact with and co-operate with peers from other nations and cultures.

Added, Brian Wong, VP of Alibaba Group: “The hundreds of lecturers we have trained globally and the Alibaba GET programmes launched by participating universities have accelerated the pace at which we educate and empower the talent of tomorrow, and we are keen to replicate this success with our new slate of educational partners.”

The Alibaba GET network was introduced in 2018. So far it has trained more than 300 lecturers and over 13,000 students from countries as far afield as Australia, India, Israel, Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, South Korea, Singapore and China.

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